Show me your Radishes.

This post was created while we were still recovering from our epic “Old Fart trip Below the Rim”, We love to visit farmers markets, and one of our favorites is the Weekend Heirloom farmers market in Tucson. Not much to say other than we enjoy the visit and picking up some favorite unique food items. Well maybe a few notes along with a few photos for your viewing interest.

It is along the Rillito bike trail just north of the university a couple miles, so many 2 “wheelerites” (aka cyclists) show up in their togs. They even have a “Bike to Market” day. How Lib.

The market is next to the Rillito River and Racetrack.

The market walkway has 2 distinct covered areas each about 1/4 mile long and lined with vendors. In the middle is a large plaza area.

Selena’s is soooo delish. We have also gone to their restaurant

We both love Salvadoran food and Selena’s has become our first go-to stop in the morning.

Tamale and Plantains (bike path in back)

We love plantains (similar to banana) which are roasted and delish. We usually get a tamale too.

Was a nice 70 degree sunny day in mid March
Some interesting items for sale
Narrowing down the options here.

We usually skip the craftsmen and artists and check out most of the veggie vendors. This one had potential.

Radishes anyone?

I never liked radishes growing up because they were spicy hot and sometimes bitter. However Sraddha taught me that spring radishes were sweet. They are. Turns out my dad grew summer radishes. One is never old enough not to learn new tricks. MEMO to KENT—REMEMBER THAT. Corollary. Spouse usually right. 🤣

Or, maybe some gelato from Frost nearby?

Sometimes, tho, you just have to go with the flow and have to visit the best Gelato stand in Arizona, or maybe the west, for that matter. We have traveled in Italy and tasted great gelato. This rivals it. Called Frost. We are not sponsored. Next door is a pizza place called Sauce. So we like to say, “let’s do Sauce & Frost” and we know whence we talk. Such great communication.

Which do you prefer? Radishes or Gelato? And Why? Leave a comment.


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